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How Dubai is paying the price for letting in tourists

(CNN) — Take a passing glance at Dubai, and you may think life is back to normal. In recent weeks, the bustling city has been a sparkling attraction for tourists, especially from Europe, trying to escape the brutal winter and strict coronavirus lockdowns. But as tens of thousands of visitors flocked there during its peak year-end season, the virus inevitably caught up with the city despite precautions aimed at limiting its spread. Cases began to rise, nearly quadrupling since November.

Israel exports settlement wines to United Arab Emirates in latest stage of Abraham Accords

Israel has begun exporting wine, olive oil and honey from West Bank settlements to the United Arab Emirates, a major deal secured by the Abraham Accords which has delighted Jewish expats but alarmed Palestinian leaders. Tura Winery, in the Rehelim settlement, and Paradise Honey in Hermesh, have sent shipments to Emirati clients which they hope will quench a thirst in the Gulf state’s Jewish community for kosher wines.

How the cost of Covid-19 testing varies around the world

As Covid-19 testing for travel becomes compulsory around the world, disparities in pricing, availability, speed and service levels remain significant. Residents returning to Dubai over the festive period report paying up to Dh900 for a Covid-19 PCR test, which added huge costs and logistical issues to their travel arrangements. Even within a single country, states and provinces can have different protocols and prices, making it difficult to plan this leg of a trip.

Emirati businesswoman donates Dh1m to neonatal unit at West Bank hospital

The Emirati businesswoman and philanthropist, Muna Al Gurg, donated Dh1m to a neonatal intensive care unit in Jenin, a Palestinian city in the West Bank. The support is desperately needed in the occupied territories where newborns lack adequate access to specialised care. The project is being managed by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, which has been working in the Palestinian territories for 25 years.

'It's not a cute way of saying you don't like mess': why OCD needs to be treated more seriously

Colloquially, the term OCD has come to refer to people who like things done “just so”, but experts say obsessive-compulsive disorder is misunderstood. They believe it’s often mocked and not taken seriously enough, given that in the World Health Organisation’s 2017 report Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders, anxiety disorders, of which OCD is one, are listed as “the sixth largest contributor to non-fatal health-loss globally”.

UAE anti-terror chief: We must pool resources with Israel to fight terror

The Abraham Accords, bringing normalization between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, are a victory for defeating extremism in the Middle East, a counter-terror adviser to the UAE government has told The Jerusalem Post. A new approach was long overdue, and the time had come to finally acknowledge the central place of Jews and Christians in the region’s history, Dr. Ali al-Nuaimi said.

UAE Education Ministry Closes 6 Universities, Puts Another 6 on Probation

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Education has revoked the licenses of six universities and put another six on probation after it said the institutions failed to meet quality and accreditation standards. Several of the institutions affected by the clampdown are international branch campuses. Local observers see the regulatory move as a useful international signal that the U.A.E. takes education quality control seriously. (See a related article, “A Regional Survey: How Arab Countries
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