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UAE anti-terror chief: We must pool resources with Israel to fight terror

The Abraham Accords, bringing normalization between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, are a victory for defeating extremism in the Middle East, a counter-terror adviser to the UAE government has told The Jerusalem Post. A new approach was long overdue, and the time had come to finally acknowledge the central place of Jews and Christians in the region’s history, Dr. Ali al-Nuaimi said.

UAE Education Ministry Closes 6 Universities, Puts Another 6 on Probation

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Education has revoked the licenses of six universities and put another six on probation after it said the institutions failed to meet quality and accreditation standards. Several of the institutions affected by the clampdown are international branch campuses. Local observers see the regulatory move as a useful international signal that the U.A.E. takes education quality control seriously. (See a related article, “A Regional Survey: How Arab Countries

Why experts think the pandemic has contributed to a rise in plastic surgery

From lip fillers and liposuction to Botox and rhinoplasty, interest in cosmetic surgery is rising. A recent report published by PMC, a digital archive of medical texts held by the National Library of Medicine in the US, revealed a spike in searches for reconstructive surgical procedures since June and in early July. These reached and then surpassed the number of searches recorded at the start of the year, before the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

Gulf Jews savour peace deal allowing them to live openly - and eat kosher

And the changes are affecting business life in Dubai too. Alex Peterfreund, a Belgian diamond and jewellery specialist, can now ship goods to Tel Aviv for the first time, a key market, as well as call family in Israel, which until August was banned. He believes the Orthadox Jewish tradition, to which he is aligned, will grow "considerably". So much so, his community is preparing to open its own synagogue on the man-made Palm Jumeirah island, and bring its own rabbi. He calls it “a development

Dubai’s Jews ready for growth spurt following Israel normalization deal

“It’s the beginning of a new era not only for Jews in the UAE but for Jews around the world.” DUBAI – At just 27 years old, Rabbi Levi Duchman has big shoes to fill. The Brooklyn-born Chabad rabbi in the United Arab Emirates has been helping to quietly build a Jewish community, which this month was able to emerge from its humble shadows. In a quiet suburb of Dubai, local Jews have congregated in the small villa that serves as their synagogue on Shabbat and festivals. That remained a closely guarded secret until this month’s historic normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE.

The Emirates Gradually Reopen to Arts and Culture

DUBAI—Many of the United Arab Emirates have made it part of their global brand to showcase arts and cultural institutions, from comedy clubs to highbrow museums. As in other parts of the world, the novel coronavirus pandemic shut many of these institutions down. Now each emirate is going its own way in trying to reopen and reinvigorate these institutions. Dubai has invested millions in its cultural offerings, from the grand Dubai Opera, to the multi-purpose Coca-Cola Arena, which opened last ye

Health and Economic Crises Threaten Arab Funding for Research

DUBAI—In the wake of a drop in the price of oil and the economic pain inflicted by Covid-19 lockdowns, funding for research in Arab countries is due for a hit in the coming year. On the positive side, scientists and science administrators think that slimmer funding may encourage more collaboration. They also see some universities establishing innovation funds around Covid-19 and hope that the pandemic will help the general public to see the value of scientific and medical research in the region

Our Top Pick of Luxury Havens Where Social Distancing Couldn't Be Easier.

With COVID-19 halting our travel plans and putting our lives on pause, we have been able to appreciate the freedom we once had and to dream of destinations we are yet to visit. For many of us, this episode will change the way we travel for the foreseeable future; we’ll look to escape to remote or hidden destinations and seek experiences that allow for safe social distancing. Getaways to natural hideaways with fresh air and space will now be a compelling alternative to breaks in busy cities for many. With this in mind, Business Traveller has compiled a list of 10 luxurious resorts in the Middle East and North Africa where you can truly escape the crowds.

How to talk to kids about race in the UAE

Discussing race with children is not always easy. Deciding how to approach a sensitive issue can be intimidating, and some parents may avoid it until a child raises the topic, but with research showing that children notice ethnicity from as young as three months old, it is not to be shied away from. Older children using social and mainstream media can be exposed to negative messaging and images, which left untamed, can fuel prejudices or fears of their own, while younger children often experien

International Campuses in Dubai Feel Pressure From Covid-19

DUBAI—International branch campuses in Dubai, which has one of the world’s largest collections of such university outposts, face an uncertain future in the wake of Covid-19. With high rents and reduced enrollment rates, the universities are being forced to offer students financial incentives, while also showing flexibility on entry standards for secondary-school graduates who had their examinations canceled this year. A large share of the 17 university branch campuses’ student base comes from

Money & Me: 'I have set up a few businesses, lost them and got into debt'

Wellbeing entrepreneur Natasha Rudatsenko is the founder of Dubai yoga studio Dryp and Health Nag, a functional health service and holistic health education platform. Ms Rudatsenko, 37, from Estonia, was inspired to focus her career on wellness after being diagnosed with chronic illnesses including hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome. Educated in London, she moved to the UAE in 2010 and now lives in Dubai Marina. How did your upbringing shape your attitude tow

Coronavirus Impacts. What happens Next?

The world is in the midst of one of, if not the biggest, shifts of the century. Many things may never look like they did before Coronavirus but will one of those things be our schooling? From university applications to learning online, some of the effects will be temporary, while others may last long after the pandemic. Schools Compared receives feedback on the initial impact and lessons being learned. For many parents, simply keeping healthy both physically and mentally, while managing the f
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